The Workroom in Toronto does Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

I will openly admit that I am not an expert DIY-er, so today I’m going to The Workroom. They do a lot of different classes there, like sewing classes. You can even rent out sewing machines there by the hour to work on personal projects, so I definitely want to get on a sewing machine, but here’s to hoping that I don’t stitch my fingers together. This space is really impressive for a lot of reasons. First off, it is so huge, they can run three classes at the same time. You can have classes at the front of the store and in the back. Secondly, they have 80 different classes here. You can do garment construction, you can make quilts, you can do weaving, hand dying and leather work. Each session is 3 hours, which is a solid amount of time.

Another thing that makes this place so special is some of the equipment that they have here, so for example, they have this huge long arm and that’s used for stitching and designs into larger pieces of work like quilts, for example. If you want to do some DIY-ing, they fully support that here because they have tons of different things you can buy and take home. They have fabrics, patterns, threads, needles and they even have some quilting machines that you can take home, like a portable one and at home you can cut your own quilting patterns, which I thought was really cool.

After all this talk of making stuff, I want make something on a sewing machine, which I haven’t touched since the 8th grade so I’m very confident in myself, but y’ know, might as well try. Ready for Deepa the expert sewer? Just put your foot on the pedal. And all the magic happens, like this. I don’t know what I’m going to use this for, but I’ll figure it out! And there you have it I’m quite proud of my self For having not having touched a sewing machine for 10 years. That’s good. It’s the newest fashion. Pocket patches, just put it like this and you’re good to go.

Students Sewing their Own Uniforms

Most parents of school kids would be familiar with the hardship of school uniform costs. But a South Auckland school may have come up with a solution. As part of their sewing classes, students have made their own uniforms. Te Okiwa McLean has more. Sewing together under a common cause. For the past two years these students of Roscommon School have been learning how to sew. It started off with sewing hats for the school which led on to something big. And their principal has allowed the students to wear the school uniform they’ve made although it isn’t the original school uniform.

But it’s not only about sewing clothes – it’s also strengthening bonds between the Maori syndicate and the Samoan syndicate. Sewing is her passion – and teaching how to sew is her bread and butter. Black says anything is possible. And some of these students are already thinking of their future. Black hopes to continue this in years to come – lastly to implement sewing into schools to benefit the students.

Roseville Shop Offers Sewing Classes For Men

Their iconic blue and gold boeing f-18 loren nets. Ticket information will be released in the next couple of months. There is a quilt shop filled with men in roseville, learning a new skill. We sent cbs13’s sean bennett to find out for himself. Reporter: i have never done any sewing in my life. Rob for the men out there that don’t know, this is called a sewing machine. What is the first step? Easy quarter and seam allowances is all we need to know for making any quilt. I have the edge of my foot dropping it on my fabric here. I’m a quarter inch out from the edge, basically joining two pieces of fabric.

Reporter: and you are guide it go right through. So it is all about using the foot pedal and the guide. You have the mike in your hand there. Reporter: I’m hitting the foot pedal, guiding it in and it is stitching as you are going. So it is multi-tasking. Robbery know you are an artist, and this is kind of your own creativity that goes into this i don’t you hit the gas and draw with your needle and thread. Reporter: if you ever want to check out rob, go on to you tube. All of his videos are out there.

He’ll breakdown the steps of where to get the cloth, and using the so long machines. Appreciate it. Hey so long machines are power tools.

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