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If anyone is interested or you think, what is GOTS certified fabric? It’s really interesting to learn about these interesting, interesting to learn about these things. So this is a gorgeous orange chambray. So, I’ve naturally got kind of olive skin tone. I think this is definitely something that I will be wearing more in the summer, although, with the pattern I have in mind, I think you could layer a turtleneck or roll-neck underneath it, which I think would look quite cool. So, I ordered 2.4 meters of this because I have a pattern in mind. However, there was a pattern release this week from Paper Theory Patterns of a jumpsuit that has really tickled my fancy. So I’m going to pop both of the images in and I want you guys to let me know which one you think would be better. So yeah, how nice this fabric.

Oh, also, the really cool thing, so I tend to find the even the sustainable fabric companies send you fabric in plastic, which is really annoying. So this company gave you the option to opt for recycle packaging, which awesome if you are conscious about those sort of things. So it came in this very, very, very thick brown paper envelope, I think this is Kraft paper. And it also was wrapped in tissue paper which is really nice to protect it. And I even think the invoice that they sent is on recycled paper. So, if those things are important to you, then they are a company that maybe you want to check out. So the company is called Amandinecha and they are a French fabric company, and they have some really nice fabrics on their website, so I encourage you guys to check them out, and I’m going to link them in the description below. So, the pattern that I think I might go for, which I’m going to link here for you guys is the Ready to Sew Jazz jumpsuit.

Now, Ready to Sew are a French indie pattern company, and they offer the Jazz jumpsuit and they also offer an expansion pack which is, how much is the expansion pack, let me just check for you guys. So, this is a jumpsuit but it has a really nice wrap detail in the front and you can either make it with long sleeves or short sleeves, and there are a couple of versions. And the pattern sizing is quite good, so they’ve got 16 to 20,and then they also have 16 to 28, which I think is good but you guys let me know. But this is a real hot topic at the moment in the sewing community, is adding a better variety of pants sizes ’cause sewing needs to be inclusive for everyone. We really rate companies that are inclusive for all, and they have a good size range there.

That is my quandary, do I go for the Jazz Ready to Sew or do I go for the Paper Theory Zadie? Guys, if you have any opinions about that, let me know in the comments below. Now, the next fabric I bought was a late night, couldn’t get to sleep, probably shouldn’t of bought it, probably couldn’t really afford it, but I saw it and I was just like, oh fuck it, I’m just going to get it. So, it is this really really beautiful cotton interlock knit. I’m going to hold it up slightly closer to the camera for you. It is this really beautiful orange, orange, no, I’ve already done orange, yellow and white striped fabric, which I’m hoping will suit me as well. I kind of thought the yellow would be slightly lighter, and I didn’t order a sample and normally I do.

So, this fabric is from, it’s actually from Ray Stitch but the fabric is a Cloud 9 fabric. They offer organic fabrics. Now they’re not necessarily as far as I could work out, got certified, but their about page kind of gave good schpiel. Basically, good manufacturing practices throughout their company. So, that’s why I opted for this. Now Cloud 9 have loads of different fabrics, so if you’re interested go and check them out. I think they don’t sell fabrics themselves, but they have lots of stockists. It wasn’t cheap, sustainable fabrics aren’t cheap, but then I guess you got to ask yourself why other fabrics are cheap. It kind of makes you realize that there’s a reason why things are cheap.

So that is the beautiful fabric from Cloud 9. The pattern I’m going to use for this one is, and it’s free which is always a winner, is the Stellan Tee from French Navy. I’m sure lots of you have seen this before. I’ll insert a better picture here. It’s a free PDF and basically, basically it is a basic tee. Which, I thought I could wear as a layer for my next fabric choice. Now my next fabric is a vintage rayon crepe, so this is a vintage kimono fabric which I think is awesome. This fabric, basically they’ve used a shibori technique, which shibori basically is tye dye. You hopefully can see, let me just hold it a bit closer. All those circles are tiny little knots that you tie with cotton.

So I bought this from eBay, and the thing with kimono fabrics are that the width, I think is only 36 centimeters. That looks about right. So with this one it’s going to be a bit of a hat, kind of a pattern hat. So I’m think of something that has a seam along the center front and center back, so if any of you have any pattern ideas for this I’ve got three meters of it. It’s got really nice drape and when I bought it I thought this was orange, but it’s actually red, red is one of my favorite colors so I don’t mind. I was hoping maybe that I can make some sort of camisole dress and pop T-shirt underneath. I’m not the sort of person who would just wear a camisole, I don’t think.

I don’t usually get that much of my arms out, but I would wear it with layers. So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. And then my fourth fabric, which isn’t here, which is a real bummer, is a vintage second hand fabric as well from eBay which looks like an off color or remnant, but I will put the picture here. I’m hoping it’s going to be nice. My plan for this was to make a shirt with the flowers in the main body of the shirt, and then having the stripes across the cuffs of the shirt, the hem, and maybe the collar. That’s my plan, so if any of you got good shirt pattern ideas as well, let me know in the comments below. So now I’m just going to really quickly show you a few things that I thought were interesting this week. There’s a lady I follow on Instagram called stitch tacksew, and she’s actually pretty local to me, and she’s also big into recycling and up cycling and sustainable fabrics, so I’m hoping this will be some inspiration for you guys out here.

But basically, if I pop the pictures here, she has sourced a pair of secondhand espadrilles from a charity shop, and she has taken the original fabric off the toe and the heel popped her own fabric on. It’s such a simple idea but I never thought about doing this, as soon as I saw this, I just thought it was so inspirational. So I’m hoping this inspires some of you guys. The second thing I saw was this really cool T-shirt shirt, so if any ofyou are into retro patterns or retro shapes, this is a pattern that’s going be released by Republique du Chiffon, who I have used before. I will link over here if you guys are interested in any more of their patterns. This is such a cool shirt, so let me know what you guys think of it. It’s got this really cool collar, it’s just really interesting. I don’t know, would you say it’s 70’s, 60’s, 40’s? God knows, but let me know if you guys like it too.

But I thought this was so cool. So my third inspirational post I found on Instagram is a pattern hack, so this is from a maker called a thread that binds, and I just really like the shape and the simplicity. That’s kind of a thing that I’m into. So I’m wondering whether I could actually use this fabric possibly to make that top.

The fourth thing I, force, force, fourth thing I wanted to show you guys is, so today is Tuesday and Love To Sew Podcast just released their brand new episode, episode 85 featuring Megan Nielsen, who I’m sure all of you guys have heard made the Dawn jeans, indie pattern designer, etc, so they’ve just released a podcast with her about sustainable sewing, which is what I’m into, what the main focus of the channel really is, and hopefully if you’re watching is something that you maybe are interested in or want to move more towards being sustainable.

Check out that pod cast, it was really interesting and it highlighted a few really valid points about how you kind a beat yourself up about being sustainable, you can be very rigid, and as long as we’re all moving towards being more sustainable and more conscious about it, I think that is sort of the most important thing. Everything in moderation, I guess. So it’s a very interesting podcast if you are thinking about incorporating a few more sustainable practices into your sewing.

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