Make a Durable Tote Bag from Shitty Plastic Bags

Sewing Plastic

For some people sewing plastic to fabric is a new thing. We’re going to do some old plastic bags and, we are not going to use our machines for this. But this is a technique that almost everyone can do All we need is an iron and a sewing machine to achieve it and the trick we’ll do is pretty common, but we’ll show you guys, some tips and tricks and how to do it better, and more professional.

And we have our boy, Bj√∂rn, from Iceland To help us Hey! Let’s show them guys, how to make a bag But obviously the technique can be used to do many things and, the first thing we have to do, is prepare the sheets Cut the plastic bags, in a size that fits on a regular sheet of baking paper so now we have a handful of cut plastic bags It is important to pre-iron each sheet that has because that helps control the shrinkage of the bags, and smoothes the surfaces I use the temperature at around 200 degrees, for my iron is in the configuration for cotton, and works for any type of bags.

I press it slowly, a little hard actually and, I keep the plate moving until the surface is flat and after that, I press it for 2 to 3 seconds with a flat surface, and I repeat the process until you have a group of material ready to use Yes, now we have flat sheets and I do not shrink it much anymore And we’re going to start merging more together to have a bigger surface ok, now we have a pre-ironed plastic group, And we must begin to merge them together to create a larger surface.

We will be using the same technique as before, just applying the iron, like baking paper on both sides and I started creating a base of just one layer, merged and a group on top, one by one, until you have a layer 3 sheets attached and then the material should be nice and robust and strong enough to create an adorable bag when you have 2 pieces of large plastic fused enough I’ll put it on top of a rough textile, baking paper on top, and the ironing technique This really helps to soften the surface of the plastic, making it absolutely straight and also leaves a strong engraving of the textile in the plastic This, again, like everything else, helps make it strong and easy to manipulate. So, the next step is super easy.

They are going to cut the sheets in the correct size With the sheets ready, with its beautiful texture, that this plane and its three layers stuck together and strong It’s time to cut them according to the pattern The next step is to cook everything, and we use a super old, basic sewing machine I am not a specialist in sewing, so probably many others will do it differently or better but I’ll do it in an idiotic way, so anyone could be able to do it.

For a smooth finish, edge 3 of the sides in 1 centimeter and sew it until it looks like this here The base has been sewn together, and 6 centimeters on both sides, crossing the vertical line Then they can break the bag so, to create the three-dimensional platform of the back part use the 6 centimeters as the end of a triangle and sews just crossing this When the triangle has been sewn from both sides, you can turn it to the back, or you can put it upside down to keep the surface smoother out and then there would only be one last step to have the bag ready that’s very fast and, two sides together so, everything is bordered let me give you an inch of seam space and unite it paste it carefully ok, then the corners of the bag are ready, strong and durable, and the next thing is, finish it all. There are multiple ways to finish your bag.

Many different styles of stitching that could be applied or different colors textures, and, yes, here for example it’s bubble bags and it feels totally different from plastic. Almost as crocodile leather so with these various techniques, they can for example do Handbags Various sizes of long bags or they could do something like a backpack Okay, so we made some bags as an example and, they can do it totally blue, or they can mix all the plastic bags together that does not matter much, the main thing is that they can merge the plastic back to make these large sheets, which you can use to do something else. It can be a bag, it can be something completely different. That was all for this video, thanks for watching, and if you have questions Feel free to post a topic in our forums and, make sure you send us the photo of your bag you may.

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