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York School of Sewing

Sound of Ironing Sound of scissors cutting fabric “At York School of Sewing, we aim to provide a number of different workshops from beginners to advanced learners For absolute beginners, and indeed for all the workshops that we do we take everything at the individuals’ own pace we’re in small groups so that everybody gets a really good deal of individual attention. So, it’s about skill building”. “It’s brilliant, it’s really good step-by-step instructions, easy to follow lots of really helpful guidance, when you need it yeah, a real sense of achievement”. “Nadine is endlessly patient she explains things brilliantly so, so far, so good I seem to be impressing even myself”. “I’ve got a little bit of experience sewing, but I’m still learning new techniques from Nadine It’s really good, it’s nice to get that extra few skills that I might use in other projects as well, that I’ve got – I’m really enjoying it”. “Every time I come here, we meet lots of new people all very pleasant All very interested and Nadine is such a patient, warm, friendly person we keep coming back for more”.

“I’m so pleased with how this has turned out I didn’t expect that I was going to be able to make this look as good as Nadine’s one, but, it’s really good”. At York School of Sewing, we provide lots of lovely workshops, for people to make things for themselves, for their family, for their home, to ensure that they get that real good, quality finish to the projects that they’re making. Something individual for them, that they can be proud of”.

About Voila

So, let’s talk about how to use voile. It is semi-sheer fabric and made from cotton. As you can see, it’s got a beautiful drape. It’s a little bit sheer and if you could feel it, you could tell that it’s got a really nice, smooth, a little slippery, silky feel to it.¬† Voile can be used for is lightweight summer clothing. You can use it for bath robes, night gowns. You can use it for making baby quilts making something so soft. If you’re using voile for sewing a garment, you might want to line it since it is a little sheer and depending on what you’re making and who you’re making it for, a little layer of modesty might be kind a nice.

One of the things about voile is that because it’s kind a silky and lightweight, it’s a little bit slippery so it does take a little while to get used to working with it but after you tried it out a little bit, you get the hang of it. You will¬† need to pin it more as you would a regular quilting weight cotton but it makes a really beautiful garment.

Tips for Sewing a Dress

Following are the five tips for sewing a dress. First, start with an easy pattern. You have a lot of different options out there and plenty that are for beginners and very user friendly with great instructions and so don’t be scared. Start easy. Then next is to read your pattern throughly. Get a feel of what the pattern says, what the different pattern pieces are, what you’ll need.

It’s really helpful to have a road map of where you’re going and know why you’re sewing and doing certain things at certain points. My third tip is there’s and old adage, “measure twice, cut once. ” It’s important to get a really good idea of how big you are, how big your garment is, and not cut before you’re ready. Next you can take time to do a mock up. It’s hard to do. Sometimes you get excited and you want to start sewing right away but if you take the time to use some old fabric or some muslin to try out the pattern first.

You’ll find out the best pattern that works for you, what you have trouble with, and you won’t waste your good fabric. And then, by the time you’re ready to use the good fabric, you’ll have worked out all the kinks of the pattern and figured out how many tricks you need to use, and your dress is going to look perfect. Another suggestion is when you’re sewing , remember that you’re sewing a dark, you want to start sewing from outer edge of the fabric and work your way into center. Don’t start in the center and work back. Good luck.

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