How to Sew a Lining Using the Burrito Method

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Just having sewing online course is not enough. Today I’m going to show you how to use the burrito method which uses a sleeveless bodice and an all-in-one facing or lining this gives you a fully clean finished neckline and armholes and can be used in woven or knit fabric. Here’s our Lucy jumpsuit that features the burrito method you can see the clean finish on the armholes and on the neckline. Now let’s get started. First sew the shoulders together of both your main fabric and lining pieces make sure to press the seam allowances open. Now we’ll match the main fabric and lining fabric together at the neckline with the right sides together. Make sure your shoulder seams are aligned.

Now we’ll stitch around the neckline with a straight stitch. Trim and grade your seam allowances of the neckline don’t forget to clip the curved areas of the neckline if you have a v-neck make sure to snip into the center point. Now is the time to under stitch the neckline. Stitch the seam allowances of the main fabric bodice to the lining bodice about 1/8 inch away from the stitching line and then we’ll turn the whole bodice right side out and press in place. Now it’s time to get to the burrito method. Lay your bodice flat with the main fabric facing upwards starting at one armhole roll the entire bodice main fabric and lining towards the other armhole.

Flip the lining under the rolled bodice to meet the main fabric bodice. Align the lining and main fabric arm holes with right sides together. The rest of the main fabric and lining bodice will be sandwiched between all of this Now it’s time to sketch the armhole. Trim and grade the seam allowances of the armhole and make sure to clip around the armhole. Pull the bodice through the shoulder area to pull it right side out. This is the time to under stitch the arm hole if you want. Once your arm holes are sewn and the bodice unit is right side out give your arm holes a press and finally we’ll sew the side seams with right sides together pin the side seam of the lining and the main fabric bodice and stitch in one go from the lining through to the main fabric bodice make sure to press your seam allowances open and repeat for the other side and now we have our fully lined sleeveless bodice

If you are a beginner sewer or a sewer on a budget check out these inexpensive tools you can get from the dollar store. Now there’s two types of items here. Ones we are going to buy for the original purpose it was intended. And the other one we’re going to buy and use it for something entirely different So the first must have from the dollar store is these extra large zipper bags. You don’t have to buy them in super large quantities and the size is perfect for storing a pattern storing a half-finished project and all sorts of extra fabric that goes with it and then the shape of it. You can stack them nice and neatly all in a basket. Our next find is in the same aisle It is a grippy shelf and drawer liner it comes in lots of different colours and comes in different sizes.

¬†This will help anybody that has one of those runaway foot pedals Simply lay your foot pedal on the shelf lining then cut about an inch to an inch and a half allowance. around it. Put it on the floor and it moves no more. Tucked back in the corner here is every sewers ‘must have’, a lint remove. Absolutely essential for picking up all those stray threads. I must go through at least three of these papers every time I wipe down a quilt. But I also use it to wipe down my ironing board I wipe down my sewing chair and of course me before I go at the door. And thankfully if they come with refills In the next aisle we have tablecloths, specifically a flannel backed one. Before you use it, toss it in a hot dryer for five minutes to get out all the creases I tape mine to the wall with masking tape And voil√°.

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