Essential Sewing Tools

Sewing Machine Table

So, we will try to choose about the right tool suitable for sewing. There are so many different things out on the market. It is overwhelming to go to a sewing store, . So, I just wanted to talk about my favorites. The first things are my snips. These are awesome. They are very sharp. They are for cutting a little tiny threads and not for cutting big pieces of fabric. And you get so close. It’s perfect. They’re awesome. The second thing, is to getting really good, sharp, pair of fabric shears. They’re wonderful. They cut perfectly. Do not try to cut paper with them, only fabric. They also will dull up and they will not be cut as well. The next $1.

There are many investments that are essential for a sewing gauge. You have one like this a little slide. Or you can get one like this. It’s another type of measuring gauge. It has different measurements. These are so important for when you are checking your seam allowances. They are also great for making sure that when your placing things in different spots on a piece of fabric that they are in the same place. You can measure from the outside going in. They are just awesome. The next thing is your seam reaper. It’s your friend not your enemy. If you need to use a seam reaper use it. It’s a good thing. Take the time to reap out the stitches and do it again right. It’ll go so much faster. And then, my last favorite piece is a magnetic seam guide.

You use this guide for making sure that you have consistent seam allowances which means that your garment looks great. Everything is nice a straight. Your machine should have a metallic plate having pre-marked seam allowances. So, what you can  do is to place your magnetic seam guide and then you use the gauge to measure exactly how and what your seam allowances from the needle position. This can be very helpful if your machine is having different needle position in such a way that you make sure you are sewing exactly where you need to be. And so, those are my favorite tools.

Sewing an Over lock Stitch

We’re going to discuss about how to sew an over lock stitch. We are going to use my surger or my over lock machine. It’s a little bit different from a regular sewing machine. As you can see, it has upto four threads instead of two and it has a little blade which cuts the fabric as you are sewing. It really works well with the jersey which the stretch woven knit. And what you can do is lift up your presser foot, put your fabric in. And so, as you can see the blade actually trimmed the fabric as it sewed in an encased the edge of the material, so the edge is finished. It won’t unravel. It won’t roll up.

You can also use these machines in addition to sewing edges. You can actually use it to just sew the two pieces together. You can do this after you’ve sewn a regulars eam. Or you can just do it in a lieu of it. As you see, sewed a really cute, little, mini skirt. And you can, nice and durable. And the seams are all finished. Another way is to use your over lock machine is to finish the edges of a garment like this. This is just a regular cotton. And the garment, all of the seams have been finished with the over lock. It will help keep the garment really well constructed. You won’t have any fraying in the seam allowances. And it will just, it’ll look so much more professional. Some regular machines are found to have  a version of an over lock stitch where it can be a zigzag. And as your regular machine do not have that little blade what you can do is after you run that stitch, you just cut very close to zigzag stitch.

How to Use Jersey

So let’s talk about jersey. Jersey is found to be different that from your regular quilting cotton because instead of being woven it’s a knit. It’s fabulous as it has a lot of stretch and a lot of movement. The best use of jersey is in clothing; it’s great, it has a lot of mobility, you can move and it stretches. It’s great for kids clothing and you can use it for other different types of projects, who am I to tell you not to? To sew with jersey is a little trickier you definitely want to have take some time to practice. You can use regular sewing machine with it as well as you will use a zigzag stitch instead of a straight stitch because a zigzag will stretch with the fabric. You can  use an Over lock machine that makes working with jersey a breeze.

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